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Who is hiding behind Okhonoko?

The Okhonoko brand is above all a duo.

The adventure started in 2016. 

Driven by the desire to combine our ideas, our passions and our know-how, we felt the need to create our own brand which would also reflect our values.


After respective studies in the fields of applied arts and performing arts, we spent many years on the road, in search of authentic and ancestral know-how around fabric, world music, painting and moving body.

During our respective travels, we became interested in the links between craftsmanship, art and a life close to nature.

Aurélien, passionate musician and painter, super handyman, has developed over the years a wide range of technical skills.

Starting from this fertile ground, the idea of creating a link between all these techniques germinated in us.

Thus were born the Cosmic Drums,musical instruments of the Tongue Drums family.

Our Tongue Drums combine aesthetics and incomparable sound quality, for the greatest pleasure of all, novices as well as experienced musicians can play them easily without false notes.

For me, yoga and meditation have been an important part of my life for many years.

It therefore seemed obvious to me to develop a range of round and half-moon zafus as well as other accessories, adapted and tested every day in my personal practice.

Over the years I discovered the exciting world of textiles: first by designing costumes for dance and theater companies, then during my travels in Asia, I was introduced to weaving, as well as to the different types of traditional embroidery.

Today based in France, in the Burgundy countryside, we develop unique, sustainable, organic, ethical and ethnic-inspired everyday objects.

By mixing our know-how, our techniques and materials, we try to create artistic bridges between the different continents.

Highlight what brings us together in a world that tends to separate us from each other.


We attach great importance to having the least possible impact on our environment.

In an ethical and sustainable concern, we try to use as much as possible natural, noble, recycled materials, and/or from organic farming.

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