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Nothing could be easier thanks to our filters!

The Cosmic drum is a very intuitive instrument, no need to know music theory to play it and impossible to make wrong notes. It is suitable from the age of 3 years...

How many ratings? 6, 8 or 12 notes?

- The filter "number of notes" allows you to choose an instrument from 6 to 12 notes: the 6 notes (smaller) are more suitable for children or travelers, those with 8 notes are complete and easy to handle, those with 12 notes are the most versatile and allow to have bass and trebles.

Which scale should I choose for my cosmic drum?

- The filter "atmosphere" allows you to choose the sound atmosphere that the notes give off: a major mode will give a dynamic, positive, open atmosphere while a minor mode will give a calmer atmosphere, conducive to introspection.

What kind of finishing for my instrument? 

- The filter "colors" allows you to choose the finishing aspect of the cosmic drum: raw, painted or blued.

Which tuning fork to choose?

- The filter bass/medium/high allows you to choose the pitch of all the sounds of the instrument.

Bols Tibétains

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