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F equinox

F equinox


This cosmic drum is tuned in F on the equinox mode.

Its notes are: F, G, Ab, C, Db, Eb, F, G

The equinox mode is a minor mode. It offers a soothing, balanced sound color and gives a feeling of comfort and openness to the world.


A pair of felt chopsticks is included.

You can add a pair of rubber drumsticks to your pack which offer more percussive sounds.


We make the cosmic drums by hand at home, in Burgundy, from recycled gas cylinders.

Being musicians, we tune them precisely.

Discover our different ranges.


Our cosmic drums range from 8 to 12 notes, each instrument is unique.


If you have a precise idea of range, colors, height of frequency... do not hesitate to contact us, we create the instruments on demand.

To watch the videos, we advise you to use headphones to better hear the subtleties of the instrument.

Color: green

Material: metal

Middle diameter: 32cm

Average height: 17cm

Weight: about 3.3kg

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