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masque bio relaxant pour les yeux flower


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This relaxing mask with organic flax seeds was designed by us in our Burgundy workshop.

Perfect ally of your daily life, it will help you reduce anxiety and stress and thus find a restful sleep.


It can be used in different ways according to your needs and desires: as is, cold or hot.


Naturally rich in oil, flax seeds have a calorific value allowing them to restore heat or cold for a long time.

They also have analgesic, soothing and relaxing properties, which makes them a perfect raw material for a soothing mask.


Put the mask on your closed eyes after a day of work (solicited by screens in particular) to relieve your eye muscles.


At the end of your yoga class, at the moment of relaxation, it will be recommended for the meditative posture of Savasana as well as for yoga Nidra.



Relieves dry eyes by stimulating the lacrimal glands anddecongests eyes and sinuses.


Remove the cover and place the mask in a clean container.


In the microwave:

Place a glass of water next to the mask (to prevent the risk of the seeds drying out).

Heat for 30 seconds at 600 watts then take out the mask and mix to mix the hot and cold seeds.

Repeat the heating in steps of 30 seconds (maximum 1 minute), depending on the desired heat.


In the oven:

8 to 15 minutes thermostat 100°C-130°C, monitoring regularly.

Knead the mask to distribute the seeds evenly.



Check the temperature before applying to the eyes to prevent any risk of burns.



Excellent care against dark circles, promotes blood circulation.

Helps alleviate headaches.Refreshing in the summer.


Remove the cover before placing your mask in a plastic bag

airtight to prevent it from getting wet.

In the refrigerator: 2 to 6 hours.

In the freezer:30 minutes to 3 hours.

Application of the mask: 10 to 20 minutes by closing the eyes.



Do not wash the inner mask containing flax seeds.

Cover: machine wash at 30°C maximum.

Gentle ironing.



Removable outer cover:

Printed fabric:100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton.

Plain fabric:fleece (40% hemp 60% cotton) certified Organic GOTS madein France.

Inner cover:100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton.

Filling:100% organic flax seeds grown in France.

Thread :100% Oeko-Tex certified polyester.



21.5cm x 12cm

About 230gr

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