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When you start the practice of yoga or meditation it is important to choose your tools carefully so that practice will be synonymous of happiness and introspection. Taking a moment to choose the shape, height and even the filling of your meditation cushion will allow you to approach your new activity with complete peace of mind. So depending on your morphology, you will need a model of zafu adapted to your size and your flexibility, this one may be different from that of your friend or neighbour. But don't panic, we will guide you through the wonderful world of well-being...

Half moon or round meditation cushion?

The choice will depend of your size as well as your flexibility. To meet the demand of the greatest number, at okhonoko we have developed three different models, two rounds and a half-moon:


The largest, the COMFORT MODEL, with a total diameter of 39 cm and a height of 19 cm, is perfect for tall people, people of average height or who are not very flexible.

The second: the TRAVELER MODEL, smaller, with a diameter of 29 cm and a height of about 16 cm will be perfect for smaller people and/or very flexible.

The model of zafu finding the most followers remains to this day the largest.


The half-moon has been designed with a slight forward inclination, ideal for adopting a very upright posture and thus letting the energy flow naturally.

Its concave shape will allow you to bring your heels as close as possible to the groin and thus rest your thighs on the sides of the half-moon in order to avoid tensions that may appear in the hips or knee ligaments.

The half-moon is the most versatile zafu because it allows you to adjust your position during practice by sitting more or less high on the cushion and thus relieving the lumbar area, it is suitable for all types of morphology.

We hope this article sheds some light on the different choices available to you. Have a great practice! Namaste.


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