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Cashmere stole (A)

€75.00 Regular Price
€60.00Sale Price

This cashmere stole, both soft and extremely light, will be a perfect ally at the start of autumn, when the first cold will be felt.

At the same time, simple, refined, natural and light, it will bring an elegant touch to your outfits.

Placed delicately, like a shawl over your shoulders, or worn around your neck like a scarf, it will accompany you everywhere; at work, out at home ... It will even make a perfect ally for your meditative practice.
This stole, of very high quality, was handcrafted in Nepal.

Cashmere has the property of accumulating body heat and insulating from the cold while being very breathable.
It is an animal fiber, obtained from the long, silky hair of cashmere goats.

It belongs to the family of endogenous tissues, the production and manufacture of which are limited to the sole geographical area of origin of goats, that is, a territory that stretches from northern Indian Kashmir to northern Mongolia.
In winter, to protect the goats from the icy and cold wind (between -30 and -40 ° C), a tight down of fine and supple hair lines their summer coat. This dark gray down is sheared or brushed off during the spring moult on the goats' breasts. It is then bleached with a preparation of rice flour, then dyed in various colors before being woven, washed, assembled by imperceptible seams and surrounded by a border that frames the designs.

Composition: 100% Coton bio certifié GOTS

Hauteur: 61,5cm

Largeur: 24,5 cm


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